Encourage Dental Care with the Tooth Fairy!

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The tooth fairy has been an iconic, unreligious character in the past century, made popular by the 1927 play, The Tooth Fairy, written by Esther Watkins Arnold. It has been used to comfort children in the event of a loose or pulled tooth, knowing they will receive a small reward under the pillow in the morning as well as the knowledge of growing.

Encouraging your child to maintain healthy dental care may be difficult but can be helped with the idea of this mythical character leaving a gift. Promote that a healthier mouth will make it more likely that the tooth fairy will visit. Be sure to help them with their dental care of brushing twice a day and daily flossing until they have the habits down.

Before the tooth fairy was popularized by Arnold’s play and films such as Disney classics, the traditional tooth fairy was hardly in existence. Traditions of using baby teeth were typically used to ward off spirits, bring good luck, and promote the growth of healthy adult teeth.

For example, Vikings wore baby teeth as a protectant against enemies and to encourage good fortune. Other traditions, some still used today, include throwing the teeth into the fire or burying them to get rid of bad spirits. For good luck, prayers would be added along with throwing teeth onto the ground, in the air, on the roof, or towards the sun.

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