Improvements in Oral Health Care: Pregnancy and Dental Health

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Are you aware of the connection between a pregnancy and your smile? A pregnancy can often affect your oral health and lead to several different issues. Furthermore, poor oral hygiene during a pregnancy can, in turn, affect various aspects of your health. If you are pregnant, make sure that you’re visiting your dentist for the necessary treatments and care.

Several health risks can often arise due to a pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you can end up neglecting your oral health care and cause various oral health risks to begin to develop in your mouth. Pregnancy is a known risk factor for gum disease. To make sure that you keep debris and plaque buildup to a minimum whenever you do have a child on the way. Furthermore, poor oral hygiene is linked to issues associated with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and premature delivery. If you need any additional help with your oral health care while you’re pregnant, make sure to visit your dentist and let them know of any prenatal vitamins and medications may be taking.

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