Oral Health Wonders: Teenage Dentistry

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In regard to the smile of a teen, various risks can put your smile in harm’s way. As a teen, several peer pressure risk factors can influence your decision and cause you to make unhealthy choices in regard to your teeth and gums. However, with effective prevention plans in place and a knowledge of what your risks may be, you can better protect your smile as influences come along.

Providing your smile the care it needs includes making sure that any potential health risks associated with dental damage are minimized. As a teen, several oral health risks tend to arise and put your teeth at further risk of harm. Due to the fact that the last of your permanent teeth, your wisdom teeth, will arise while as a teen, it’s important to remember that no more permanent teeth will grow in, so you must take care of the ones you have.

Exercise caution with contact sports, which are extremely popular activities amongst teenagers. However, several risks of oral accidents and injuries can arise due to contact sports which can destroy your smile. Even a single blow or strike to your face can knock out several teeth and break your jaw. Rather than suffering through decades of restorations and repairs, make sure you’re wearing safety equipment to minimize the effects of any strikes that may occur to your face or jaw.

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