Why Dental Crowns Are So Versatile

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Dental crowns are one of the most common and well known dental restorations available today. The reason for this is because dental crowns can perform many functions to treat a variety of dental problems, including:

— Tooth decay: Dental crowns can cover and protect a tooth that has been damaged by decay and had a large portion removed. When a dental filling is not sufficient, our dentist may use a crown.

— Dental infection: Following a root canal procedure, our dentist may use a dental crown to cover and protect the treated tooth. Dental crowns protect the tooth from further attack by bacteria.

— Missing teeth: Dental crowns make up many tooth replacements, including dental bridges and dental implants. They replace the missing tooth crown for a natural effect. In the case of dental bridges, dental crowns are also used to attach the appliance to the surrounding teeth for stability and strength.

— Misshapen teeth: Teeth do not have to be damaged or decayed to warrant a dental crown. If a natural tooth is too small, short, or misshapen, but otherwise healthy, a dental crown can cover it for a more aesthetic appearance.

At Fellows and Smink Dental Associates, we are pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns made from high-quality materials to meet the needs of our patients. Whatever your reason for needing a dental crown in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, we encourage you to call our dentist, Dr. Scott Fellows, at 570-622-0331 today for a dental visit.