Your Smile and Toothaches

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If you neglect your oral health care, you may be constantly putting your smile at risk of several other forms of dental damage. Even underlying damage factors including tooth decay, periodontal disease, cracked teeth or any other form of oral health risk can lead to abscesses in your teeth and the rise toothaches. If a toothache goes untreated, it can eventually lead to pulp death.

The risk of toothaches often come with several health risks that not only produce it but also arise from it. In order to prevent toothaches that can arise if bacteria enter the pulp of a tooth, it is important to look for the symptoms of a toothache and have it treated as soon as possible. Common indications of a toothache often include pain and discomfort that tends to linger.

If you use over-the-counter pain relievers and you still feel pain after 24 hours, or inflammation and swelling routinely occur in your face, it could be the sign of an abscess. Furthermore, noticeable discharge around a tooth, high fevers, chills or facial rashes that have no other reasonable explanation, may give credence to the fact that a toothache is present. Infections in teeth can also be caused by TMJ disorders, wisdom tooth eruption, oral accidents or injuries or even symptoms associated with teeth out of alignment. If you are suffering from a toothache, visit your dentist for effective restorations.

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