Your Smile and Water Flossers

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Have you ever heard of water flossers before? Did you know that water flossers are sturdy and reliable interdental cleaning tools that are designed to rinse out the areas between your mouth with steady beams of water for optimum oral health? Water flossers can be used as alternative treatments to traditional dental floss.

Through the use of effective water flossers, you can clean between teeth in areas that traditional brushes cannot reach. Water flossers are highly effective interdental tools because just like dental floss, they can help lower your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, water flossers are extremely easy to use as they require no thread at all and instead, shoot beams of water directly onto your teeth to wash away food particles and debris.

If you have previous restoration treatments in place that may inhibit the proper use of your dental flossing tools, water flossers may still be able to keep your mouth clean. Dental bridges, dentures and dental crowns are known for making interdental cleaning difficult, but this issue can be sidestepped through the use of a water flosser.

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